History of Wing Chun

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Wing Chun, as legend has it, was created by a Buddhist nun within the walls of the ancient Shaolin Temple roughly 300 years ago. Her name was Ng Moi, and she created the style as a simple but effective way of fighting off attackers. What makes Wing Chun so unique is that it was based on the principle of no strength, as Ng Moi was only a little woman, she couldn't rely on her strength to handle a threatening situation. So she formulated a way to use her structure and position to combat any man's strength. This is why you will hear Wing Chun practitioners referring to themselves as little women.

Ng Moi taught her only student, Yim Wing Chun, which is where the name originates. Yim Wing Chun lived in a village where she had the unwanted attention of the local bully, who wanted to marry her. Unhappy, she ran away to the Shaolin Temple for sanctuary, where she met Ng Moi. Armed with her new skill and the confidence to deal with any confrontation, Yim Wing Chun returned to her home. Soon enough, her tormenter met up with Yim and she successfully defeated him in battle.

Later Yim Wing Chun married, and taught her skills to her husband Leung Bok Cho. Leung Bok Cho taught only two, Leung Yee Tay and Wong Wa Bo who both taught Leung Jan. Leung Jan taught his two sons Leung Chun and Leung Bik as well as another Chan Wa Chun. Then Chan Wa Chun, and later Leung Bik taught a man named Ip Man. Most people would know Ip Man for the fact that he was Bruce Lee's teacher. But before this he was very famous in Hong Kong for being the best kung fu practitioner around. For Wing Chun practitioners, he was the most famous and most respected Wing Chun teacher around. Ip Man died at an old age in 1972, leaving his entire teachings and training to his youngest son Ip Ching. Ip Ching now lives in Hong Kong teaching what his father left to him.

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